Declaring Material Lots

Material lots are serialized parts used to assemble a larger component.

Operators can declare material lots for specified BOM items in an operation or task. To increase the number of material lots to match the number in the Required column, you can declare them. You can also declare a material lot that was not assigned from the MES, if it exists in the MES.
  1. Display a clocked-on operation.
  2. On the left, under Operation or Task, select a serial number.
    Each Bill of Materials item already associated with the serial numbers for the operation is shown in the grid as a single item (as shown below). You can view the Required amount and Consumed amount for each Bill of Materials item.
  3. Complete the steps below to declare a material lot and repeat as necessary:
    1. Select a row containing a part name and part number.
    2. Click Declare.
      The following dialog opens. You can enter a specific material lot serial number in the Search Serial Number field, or you can click the Search button to display all associated part serial numbers.
    3. Select a material lot from the left pane. You can declare only one material lot at a time.
    4. Click Declare to move it to the right pane.
  4. Click Save.
    The original material lot and the declared material lot appear in separate rows under the main row. You can click the arrow next to the part name to expand or collapse the display .
  5. Optional: To add material lots that you need to complete the part, but were not entered from PM MES, click Additional and repeat step 3.