Bill of Materials

A Bill of Materials (BOM) specifies the parts, and their quantities, required to complete an operation or task on a given work order.

Manufacturing engineers create BOMs in PM MES and include them on serialized and unserialized operations for work orders. From the Bill of Materials tab in the operator web client, operators can perform the following tasks:
  • View the BOM information on operations where they are clocked on, and on tasks they have acquired.
  • Declare material lots.
  • Substitute material lots.
  • Declare additional material lots.
  • Remove declared material lots.

For unserialized work orders, a BOM appears for each operation where the operator is clocked on.

For serialized operations and tasks, a BOM appears for each serial number where the operator is clocked on. BOM data does not appear if the operator is not clocked onto at least one serial number.