Web Application Security

Web Application Security Service Overview

As an Org Admin, learn how Tinfoil's Web Application Security service can help you bring security testing and tools into the DevOps testing arsenal.

Note: This service is available for use by Org Admins only.

Tinfoil's Web Application Security service simplifies the security process, bringing security into DevOps teams. Development teams are hundreds to thousands strong, while security teams are vastly smaller. These development teams have tests for functional bugs using tools such as unit tests and integration tests, but there is little or no testing of security issues. Tinfoil brings security tools into this process without adding any new burden or platforms to learn.

Tinfoil's dynamic heuristic testing allows DevOps teams to find more web application vulnerabilities than competing products, and with fewer false positives. Tinfoil regularly incorporates new tests and always scores higher than any other scanner on industry standard benchmarks. Web Application Security is the only scanner tested to have found every vulnerability with a zero false positive rate. To see the most recently published results, check out http://sectoolmarket.com.

Whether integrating the Web Application Security API into a system or viewing vulnerability data on our website, you will find no hangups and no jargon because our mission is to simplify the vulnerability reporting and fixing process. We will give you how-to-fix instructions complete with code snippets, tailored to the language you used to write your application. Any engineer can effortlessly find and fix the root cause of a vulnerability, regardless of their prior security experience. Integrations allow us to fit right into the developer’s workflow, so we never break them out of the builder’s mindset.

To see details about using Tinfoil Web Application Security service, see https://www.tinfoilsecurity.com and http://support.tinfoilsecurity.com.