Overview of Predix Cloud Cache

Predix Cloud Cache is a fully managed in-memory data store and cache service. It improves the performance of web applications by retrieving information from managed in-memory caches, instead of relying entirely on slower disk-based databases. Predix Cloud Cache is backed by Amazon ElastiCache and helps you overcome the challenges, such as slow processing queries, scaling costs, simplified data access, and so on, faced while building distributed applications that require low latency and scalability. Predix Cloud Cache V2.0 supports the Redis (version 4.0 and higher) in-memory caching engine.

Predix Cloud Cache Architecture

The following architecture diagram provides a high-level information on how a user application interacts with an Amazon ElastiCache (Redis) instance using the Predix Cloud Cache service.

The Predix Cloud Cache Broker facilitates the interaction between the user application and the Amazon ElastiCache service, and manages the lifecycle of the service instance. When the Predix Cloud Cache instance is created for the user, the user application interacts with the Amazon ElastiCache (Redis) instance through the host URL for the Predix Cloud Cache instance.