Predix Audit Overview

About Predix Audit Service

The Predix Audit Service provides a standard way to audit events, and to query them. It is built to be secure, scalable and fault tolerant. Applications audit events via the Predix Audit SDK, which sends them to the Predix Audit Service for storage. The Predix Audit SDK is currently available in Java and can be consumed by Java-based applications. Querying is performed via a REST API. All the tiers of the Predix platform, including Cloud Foundry resources, platform services, marketplace services and applications in general, can use the Predix Audit Service as a one-stop solution for their auditing needs.

The Predix Audit Service provides the following features:

  • Standard and extensible message structure.
  • Time based ordering of events.
  • Uses Predix UAA for authentication and authorization of message consumption and querying.
  • Streaming of high volumes of data to the cloud, from anywhere.
  • Exact-one delivery guarantee (no messages loss and no duplicates).
  • Highly availability and fault tolerance.
  • Archives events in Blobstore for long-term storage and querying (aimed for dedicated pricing plans only).

Predix Audit Service Architecture

The following figure displays the Predix Audit Service message flow

Figure 1 - Predix Audit Architecture