Overview of Cloud Message Queue

Cloud Message Queue is a service that provides the ability to exchange messages between different applications, components, and devices in a highly durable and reliable manner. It is built upon Apache ActiveMQ and is backed by Amazon MQ, which is a managed message broker service for Apache ActiveMQ. Cloud Message Queue utilizes the features of Amazon MQ to ensure its high availability and message durability.

Cloud Message Queue is designed to replace Predix Message Queue which is built upon RabbitMQ. The Predix Message Queue service will no longer be available in future and therefore, GE Digital recommends you migrate to the Cloud Message Queue service before the Predix Message Queue service is deprecated.

Some of the salient features of Cloud Message Queue are as follows:
  • It supports a wide range of clients, including Java Message Service (JMS) 1.1 and .NET Message Service (NMS).
  • It is compatible with a range of programming languages, including Node.js, Go, Python, Ruby, and C++.
  • It supports various wire-level protocols, such as Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP), Simple (or Streaming) Text Oriented Messaging Protocol (STOMP), OpenWire, WebSocket, and MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT).
  • It provides all the standard JMS features, including point-to-point messaging, publish/subscribe messaging, request/reply, persistent and non-persistent modes, JMS transactions, and distributed (XA) transactions.
  • It provides the flexibility of sending messages through both queues and topics, using a single-broker. In point-to-point messaging, the ActiveMQ broker balances the load by routing each message from the queue to one of the available consumers in a sequential manner. In pub/sub messaging, the broker delivers each message to every consumer that has subscribed to the topic.
  • In addition to basic queues and topics, it supports other complex patterns, such as composite and virtual destinations. Composite destinations are used for producers to send the same message to multiple destinations. Whereas, virtual destinations are used for publishers to broadcast messages through a topic to a pool of receivers subscribing through queues.
Note: Currently, Cloud Message Queue supports the following versions of ActiveMQ:
  • 5.15.0
  • 5.15.6
  • 5.15.8
  • 5.15.9
  • 5.15.10