Blobstore Overview

About the Blobstore Service

The Blobstore service provides a way to store large byte arrays in the cloud indefinitely. The data can originate from applications storing large binary files or an edge device sitting gathering data from a wind turbine and steaming to data stores like S3.

The Blobstore service provides the following benefits:
  • S3 API compatibility – Blobstore S3-compatible APIs provide a way to efficiently and securely store and retrieve your data.
  • Scalability – Add and remove resources from your application when needed.
  • Reliability – Once you have successfully uploaded your object to the Blobstore, your data will not be lost.
  • High availability – Access Blobstore through HTTP or HTTPS within the Cloud Foundry environment where the Blobstore service instance resides.
  • Multi-tenancy support – All users of a tenant have specific privileges to access the resources associated with that tenant. Each tenant can potentially use multiple service instances. The service instances are specific to the tenant.
  • External Access – Blobstore can be configured to allow secure access from sources external to the Predix environment.

The following shows the high-level architecture of the Blobstore Service.

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Blobstore Service Terminology

This section explains the terminology used in the Blobstore Service documentation.


Objects are collections of binary data containing data and meta data, which are stored as single entities in a Blobstore.


A Blobstore is a container with a unique set of identifiers, or namespace, used to identify the account associated with the object storage. Stores are also referred to as buckets.