Overview of the EAM Adapters

The APM Connect EAM Adapters transfer data from your existing Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system into Predix Essentials using the APM Connect Administration Center.

APM Connect is built upon a fundamental premise that you are using an external EAM system to store information about your equipment, the locations in which the equipment exists, failures of the equipment and locations, and work that has been performed on the equipment and locations.

Predix Essentials provides tools that let you analyze and process this data. Before you can analyze the data in Predix Essentials, however, you must transfer it from your EAM system into your Predix Essentials system. After the data exists in Predix Essentials, it can be analyzed to determine the state of your equipment and locations, and the reliability, trends, potential risks, and probability of failures associated with them.

EAM Adapter Workflow

This workflow provides the basic, high-level steps for using this module.


  1. Identity the records you want to transfer from your EAM system(s) to Predix Essentials.
  2. Apply filter parameters in the context file as necessary.
  3. Do one of the following.
  4. Check that the record was transferred into Predix Essentials.
    Note: This step is not necessary to complete the data transfer. However, it is a check to ensure that the transfer was executed successfully.
  5. If the transfer was not successful, view the execution log for errors.