About Predix Essentials


Predix Essentials is a complete solution for industrial data monitoring and analysis, event management, and incident resolution. The system provides asset connectivity, edge-to-cloud analytics processing, and a feature-rich user interface.

Predix Essentials is applicable to all types of users dealing with industrial data. Operational users can monitor assets, analyze irregularities and alerts, and manage cases through resolution. Executives and analysts can use the unified data views and tools for supervision, reporting, and decision making.

Predix Essentials is available a standalone solution and is also the required supporting foundation for the Predix APM and Predix OPM applications. Predix Essentials standalone solution customers can upgrade to Predix APM or OPM. When upgraded, the data, configurations, and user functionality of Predix Essentials will be seamlessly integrated into the Predix APM or OPM application.

Data Collection, Ingestion, Processing, and Storage

Predix Essentials can collect data from common data sources using a variety of secure connection and forwarding methods. The data can then be viewed, analyzed, and more via the User Console. Usage is subject to the data point ingestion and analytics levels subscribed to by the customer. Additional Predix Essentials capacity, as well as Predix Essentials capabilities or functionality or Predix Platform microservices, may be added according to their separate pricing schedules.

Enterprise, OT Asset, and Systems Data

Predix Essentials includes:

  • Prebuilt data loaders for SAP and IBM Maximo.
  • Automated data loaders for other system data.
  • Scheduling, management, and development tools.
  • Direct-to-cloud ingestion of data.
  • Packaged connectors for GE HMI/SCADA alarms.
  • Cloud API for OT data ingestion.
  • Predix Historian connectivity, local storage, and cloud forwarding (optional).
  • Predix Edge connectivity, local processing, and cloud forwarding (optional).

User Console

The User Console provides IIoT visibility and event management without the need to develop custom software or applications. Specific functionality includes:

  • Customizable dashboards that allow monitoring and tracking of assets, KPIs, and metrics.
  • Thresholds, policies (business rules), and machine learning analytics to enable integrated alerting.
  • Visualization and analysis capabilities to enable root cause analysis.
  • HMI-specific visualizations and alarm monitoring to enable effective remote HMI monitoring.
  • Criticality analysis, allowing users to prioritize activities based on asset importance.
  • Actions and case management, allowing tracking, recommendations, collaboration, and interfacing with external ticketing and servicing solutions.
  • Alert policy management to define the analytics and conditions to generate alerts.
  • A unified interface and workflow to provide a consistent and complete work environment spanning monitoring to response.