Second Quarter of 2020

Release Date: June 19, 2020

This topic provides a list of product changes released for this module on this date.

Table 1. Resolved Issues

The following issues, which existed in one or more previous versions, have been resolved.

DescriptionTracking ID
Previously, the following issues existed in Metrics and Scorecards:
  • If there were multiple perspectives and objectives for a Scorecard in the <Scorecard Name> page, and you added multiple Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to an objective:
    • The KPIs incorrectly appeared in the <Objective Name> section.
    • Some KPIs intermittently appeared in other <Perspective Name>sections.
  • The time stamp indicating the date and time when the scorecard was modified did not appear based on the time zone specified for your Predix Essentials user account.
  • When you attempted to modify a KPI, the data in the <KPI Name> page took longer than expected to appear and there was no indication that the operation of loading the data was in progress.
These issues have been resolved. Now, a spinner appears when the data in the <KPI Name> page is being loaded.
Previously, after you upgraded the Predix Essentials database from V3 to V4, KPI Measurement records were created with certain empty fields. This issue has been resolved.DE131497