First Quarter of 2019

Import and Export

This topic provides a list of product changes released for this module on the dates listed below.

Release Date: March 29, 2019

Table 1. Resolved Issues

The following issues that existed in one or more previous versions have been resolved.

DescriptionTracking ID
Previously, if a policy that was scheduled to be executed was imported, when you updated the policy, a job to execute the policy was created in addition to the existing job that was created while importing the policy. This issue has been resolved. DE98204
Previously, when you attempted to export a family that had a field with a list of valid values associated with an APM Query, and if the APM Query had a prompt configured for it, an error occurred. This issue has been resolved.DE94684
Previously, if no rules were available in a rule library project, and you attempted to export the project, an error occurred and an incorrect message appeared in the error log. This issue has been resolved. Now, an appropriate error message appears in the error log, indicating that the rules are not available in the rule library project. DE89799