Tenant Overview

About Tenancy

A tenant is a group of users with common access to and privileges within their instance of GE Digital APM. A common set of underlying web services provides functionality (such as asset monitoring and user management) to each tenant, yet secures access to customer-specific data. Users in one tenant organization cannot access other tenants.

GE Digital APM can support multiple tenants. Each customer enterprise can be defined as an independent tenant with access to its GE Digital APM instance.

The system administrator adds customers as new tenants and administers all tenants. When adding a new tenant, the system administrator assigns a primary administrator for that tenant. After logging on, the primary tenant administrator completes the initial setup tasks, such as ingesting assets and time series data, creating users, and assigning user privileges.

Set or Change the Ingestor Password

Before You Begin

You must have an GE Digital APM tenant available. You must also have tenant administrator credentials to perform the initial tenant setup.

About This Task

During tenant setup, you must provide the ingestor password used by asset and alert ingestion services to ingest assets, alerts, and time series data into your current tenant. This password is unique to each tenant, as the asset model and instances are exclusive to that tenant. Provide a complex password that complies with your enterprise policies for password safekeeping.

When setting or changing a password, use the following guidelines:
  • The password is case-sensitive and should be at least eight characters long.
  • You must use a combination of alphanumeric characters.
  • You can use special characters.
  • You cannot use consecutive characters such as 123 or abc.
  • You cannot repeat characters more than two times consecutively; for example, looop or 777.
The following are examples of invalid passwords:

After setup, you can also change the ingestor password at any time.


  1. Sign in to your GE Digital APM tenant with your administrator credentials.
  2. In the module navigation menu, go to Setup.
  3. Depending on whether you are setting up a new password or changing the password, one of the following applies:
    • If you are setting up the password for the first time, you will be presented with a password setup page.
    • If you are changing an existing password, click Change Ingestor Password.
  4. Enter a new password, and then re-enter the password to confirm.
  5. Select Submit to save your changes.

What To Do Next

Once the password is set, you can ingest data into GE Digital APM.

Tenant Structure Creation

Before users can access the application (specific tenant organization), the tenant or user administrator must set up the tenant structure.

The tenant administrator needs to complete the following tasks to support a tenant architecture in GE Digital APM:

  • Create a tenant. Upon creating the tenant, GE Digital APM automatically creates the ingestor user account. Then, you can log in as the tenant administrator and create a password for the ingestor user.
    Note: The ingestor user account enables the ingestor user to upload assets to GE Digital APM. This account is created during the tenant setup.
  • If you are using Predix APM, ../../../FoundationConfiguration/Content/CreateaNewSite.htm (Admin > Configuration Manager > Sites)
  • If you are using Predix APM, ingest assets via Unified Loaders > Asset Ingestion Loader.
  • If you are using Legacy Predix APM, login as the ingestor user and ingest the asset model, tag classifications, and asset data (including asset instances, connections, and tag associations).
  • Add other users and administrators.
  • Create alert templates.
  • Ingest alerts for ingested assets.
  • Add user groups and link them to the appropriate permission sets.
  • (SSO only) Import users from your identity management system into your tenant.
  • Add assets to users and user groups.
  • Complete deployment steps for modules and features.