About Team Members

A team is a group of individuals who will complete a specified task. You can add both GE Digital APM users and non-GE Digital APM users to a team.

  • GE Digital APM users will have an existing Security User record and an associated Human Resource record that was created automatically when the Security User record was created.
  • Non-GE Digital APM users will not yet have a Security User record or a Human Resource Record. When you add a non-GE Digital APM user to a team, you are actually creating a new Human Resource record for that team member.
    Note: A Security User record is required to log in to GE Digital APM. Team members who do not have Security User accounts may participate in and contribute to the teams of which they are members, but will not be able to use the application. While non-GE Digital APM users can be assigned a team role, the security privileges described in this documentation apply only to GE Digital APM users.

Members of a team can also be assigned a role within the team, which indicates the types of tasks for which that team member is responsible.

About Team Member Roles

In Root Cause Analysis, Hazards Analysis, and SIS Management, you can assign team member roles to identify which team member is responsible for a given task related to a particular analysis. The following descriptions of roles assume that the user has full privileges to all families in the given module.

  • Principal Analyst: The user who is responsible for facilitating and coordinating the analysis. The user who completes the initial steps required for an analysis is automatically designated the Principal Analyst by default. You can designate a different member as the Principal Analyst if needed.

    For a given analysis, the Principal Analyst can view, modify, copy, delete, publish, and unpublish an analysis.

    Note: No user, including the Principal Analyst, can modify a published analysis. If needed, the Principal Analyst can unpublish the analysis, modify, it, and then republish it.
  • Process Owner: The team member who is responsible for managing the analysis and seeing it through to completion. After you assign a team member the role of Process Owner, that team member's name will appear in the Analysis Owner field in the analysis record.

    There can be only one Process Owner per analysis. However, a team member can be designated as both the Process Owner and Facilitator.

  • Facilitator: The team member who is in charge of conducting the analysis and organizing the analysis team.

    There can be only one Facilitator per analysis. However, a team member can be designated as both the Facilitator and Process Owner.

  • Analysis Team Member: Any user who is a member of an analysis team, and can perform most functions related to the analysis.
  • Viewer: Any user who can only view the analysis after it has been published.
Tip: Refer to a specific module's documentation for details on which roles are used within each module.