About SmartSignal

SmartSignal is a proven industrial equipment monitoring and reliability ecosystem that has been in the equipment analytics and machine learning spaces for over 10 years.

SmartSignal's predictive analytics identify impending equipment failures and their causes well before they happen, often weeks or months before other systems, so the focus of operations can shift from costly reactive maintenance to efficient planned maintenance.

In GE Digital APM, you can use the following SmartSignal features:

Analytic template editingCreate and maintain templates that define analytic instances.
SmartSignal MaintenanceManage SmartSignal analytic instances and models, including modifying analytic instance and model configuration and managing training data.
SmartSignal DeploymentsMonitor and troubleshoot SmartSignal analytic deployments.

In addition to the preceding features, you can also modify your SmartSignal configuration using the following administrative features:

  • SmartSignal Assets
  • SmartSignal Hosts
  • SmartSignal Mappings
  • SmartSignal Tenants