Overview of the Rounds Designer Module

In the Rounds Designer module, you can create Routes and define recurring tasks along those Routes for users of the Rounds Data Collection module to complete.

These recurring tasks, known as checkpoints, are composed of monitoring, inspection, and maintenance activities carried out on assets with the goal of mitigating known risks. Together, checkpoints pertaining to a particular asset are an integral part of an Asset Strategy, which may be continually updated to reflect the performance of an asset.

Routes and checkpoints can be template-based, scheduled independently, and tracked for compliance; they can also include conditions, so that their presence is contingent upon previous tasks, and allowable values, so that users collecting data are limited in what they can enter.

After a Route and its checkpoints have been created, it can then be assigned to users or teams for execution.

Access the RD Overview Page

Before You Begin

  • You can access the RD Overview page only if you are a member of the following Security Groups:
    • MI Operator Rounds Administrator
    • MI Operator Rounds User
    • MAPM Security Group

    You can perform the various tasks on this page based on the privileges granted to these Security Groups.


In the module navigation menu, select Health > Rounds Designer.
The RD Overview page appears.

The tabs at the top of the page summarize Rounds Designer information in various categories. You can select a tab to view one of the following sections:

  • Routes: Displays a list of existing Routes with a brief description and the status of the Routes.
  • Allowable Values: Displays a list of allowable values categories.
  • Lubricants:¬†Displays a list of available Lubricants.
  • Templates: Displays a list of available Measurement Location and Lubrication Requirement templates.
  • ML Template Groups: Displays a list of available template groups.
  • Reports: Displays a list of reports for Rounds.