Overview of the Reports Module

A report is a formatted view of data that exists in the GE Digital APM database. Reports provide you with a way of formatting information for display, export, and printing purposes.

You can create a report from query results, dataset results, or by importing a report that was saved to an external location. After you create a report, you can save it and run it repeatedly. Like other items, reports are saved in the Catalog and can be accessed via hyperlinks on a dashboard.

To create a report, you will use APM Report Designer Plug-in for Visual Studio. If you want to create a report within GE Digital APM, Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio must be installed on the client machine.

After saving a report the Catalog, you can view the report by using the Report page. Note that you will need the following to view reports:
  • You should have configured the SQL Server Report Server.
  • View/Execute permissions on the Catalog folder in which the report is located.
  • At least View privileges on all families included in the underlying query or dataset.

Access the Report Page

Before You Begin

  • An administrative user must create and save reports using the Reports Designer.


In the module navigation menu, select Tools > Reports.
The Report page appears, displaying a list of all reports saved in the Catalog. The Catalog item caption is displayed as the title to identify the report.

Overview of the Reports Page

This page displays the information about the Report:
  • Name: The name of the report.
  • Path : The Catalog file path where the report is saved.
  • Caption: The caption of the report that you have provided in the Catalog.
  • Creator : The name of the person who created the report.
  • Date : The date when the report was accessed.