Overview of the Inspection Field Data Collection Module

The Inspection Field Data Collection functionality provides a targeted collection of data when the device you are using is in an offline, or disconnected, state. This allows those working in the field to use the GE Digital APM mobile application to complete downloaded Inspections without being connected to a wireless to network.

You can download an inspection report and any existing records with configured offline forms to your device's internal storage for later completion. You can also configure the layout and the fields available for any offline inspection forms. This allows you to have the most efficient Inspection Management interface for your data collection. Although offline Inspections do not provide a complete, end-to-end inspection workflow, they provide a basic data collection methodology and a simplistic interface that maintains the integrity of data collection.

While collecting inspection data offline, the information is stored in your device's internal storage. Then, when your device is connected to a network, you can synchronize the completed inspection information with the GE Digital APM database.

Offline forms are categorized into Full Inspections, General Inspections, Checklist Inspections, or Inspection Recommendations.


Be aware that data integrity issues may occur in the following scenarios:

  • When synchronizing offline inspection data, if connectivity is lost, the state inspection will return to Pending Sync. The synchronization process will continue once connectivity is restored.

  • When working offline, if an online inspection record is locked, synchronizing the offline inspection with the GE Digital APM database will result in an error indicating that the record cannot be changed.

Access the Inspection Field Data Collection Overview Page


In the module navigation menu, select Integrity > Inspection Field Data Collection.
The Inspection Field Data Collection Overview page appears, displaying a list of inspections that you have downloaded.

The tabs at the top of the page summarize the inspections that have been downloaded for offline use. You can select a tab to view the following:

  • Pending: Displays a list of downloaded inspections that can be accessed offline.
  • Ready to Sync : Displays a list of downloaded inspections for which, field data has been collected. These inspections are ready to by synced with your GE Digital APM database.

The Pending section groups downloaded inspections into the following categories:

  • Overdue: Displays a list of downloaded inspections that are past their due date.
  • Due in 7 Days: Displays a list of downloaded inspections that need to be completed in the next seven days.
  • Due in More than 7 Days: Displays a list of downloaded inspections with due dates are more than seven days in the future.

Both the Pending and the Ready to Sync sections display the following information about each inspection:

  • Asset: The Equipment Record ID to which the downloaded inspection is linked.
  • Functional Location: The ID of the Functional Location record linked to the downloaded Inspection record.
  • Inspection Document Type: The type of inspection used in the downloaded Inspection record.

  • Commencement Date: The day on which the downloaded inspection was created.


  • You can now evaluate inspection tasks which are coming due or are overdue.
  • If needed, you can create inspection for identified inspection tasks.

Inspection Field Data Collection Workflow

This workflow provides the basic, high-level steps for using this module. The steps and links in this workflow do not necessarily reference every possible procedure. For more procedures, see the links in the Related Information section.

  1. Access Inspections that have been assigned to you.

  2. Download the Inspections that you want to complete offline.
  3. Complete offline field data collection.

  4. Add Reference Document images.
  5. Create offline Inspection Recommendations.
  6. Sync completed offline Inspections to your GE Digital APM server.