Dashboards Overview

About Dashboards

Dashboards provide a concise, up-to-the-minute view of asset health.

The GE Digital APM Dashboard module enables you to create customized dashboards that display asset time series data in the form of graphs, charts, lists, and more.

The Dashboard module includes a Dashboard Browser that enables you to access and manage your dashboards. The Dashboard Browser has two views: My Favorites and All Dashboards. My Favorites displays a list of the dashboards that you have saved as favorites. All Dashboards displays a list of all of the dashboards available on your system. In either view, you can filter the list of dashboards based on the following criteria:

  • Name
  • Description Tags
  • Asset Applicability
  • Kind
  • Visibility
  • Created Date
  • Created User
  • Modified Date
  • Modified User

Dashboard Terms

The following terms and definitions apply to dashboards and dashboard components.

Dashboards are collections of cards, which contain widgets.
Cards are panels that organize widgets into groups. Cards are added to dashboards.
Widgets are software objects that display data as text or graphics, such as charts. Widgets can be configured for data mapping and visual parameters, such as size. Widgets are added to cards.
Layout is the arrangement of cards and widgets on a dashboard.
Views are collections of cards within a layout. Views are associated with assets and can have additional associations, such as alerts, cases, and workflows.
Card Library
The card library is a repository for customized cards.
Widget Library
The widget library is a repository for widgets.