In GE Digital APM, you can use family policies to determine how records in the GE Digital APM database will behave when you work with those records in GE Digital APM.

Within the Rules and Policies section of Family Management, you must specify whether you want to use rules, family policies, or neither for a particular family.

Note: For a single family, you can write family-level rules or family policies, not both. You can, however, use the Baseline Rule node in a family policy to execute any existing GE Digital APM baseline rules that correspond to the policy’s family and trigger. You can also use field-level rules and family policies for the same family.

Family Policy Workflow

This workflow provides the basic, high-level steps for using Family Policies. The steps and links in this workflow do not necessarily reference every possible procedure.

  1. Create a new family policy.
  2. Build a policy model, which includes nodes and connections that represent the inputs, logic, and resulting actions for the policy.

    Note: Interaction with the model design canvas, such as adding and moving nodes, is not available on touch-screen devices.
  3. Run the validation process to confirm that the policy logic is working correctly.