About APM Data Extraction Service

Data visualization is the representation of data and information in a graphical format allowing viewers to recognize patterns in the data more quickly.

GE Digital APM helps optimize the performance of your assets. It connects different data sources from applications like EAM, CMMS, OSI PI, and others, and uses advanced analytics to turn data into actionable insights while fostering collaboration and knowledge management. The built-in APM reports and dashboards enable you to connect and access the data. However, it is not possible to analyze the data using data visualization techniques by connecting APM data to any third-party Business Intelligence (BI) tool.

The APM Data Extraction service using OData, bridges this void in data visualization with the help of BI tools providing advanced visualization techniques. OData is a REST standard for creating data-centric APIs and is used to share the data through HTTP in a secured manner. BI tools support OData through built-in adapters or connectors and use the extracted data for reporting.

The APM Data Extraction service has been implemented based on the OData v4.01 specification. Using this service, you can expose an APM database using an Open Data interface to different BI tools with an OData connector. This service enables you to query the entities of the APM database. You can build new queries for your data analysis and visualization requirements. Your reporting or BI tools can discover what data and functionality is available, enabling you to analyze the data.

Data visualization has the following advantages:
  • Visibility: Provides visibility about various aspects of the data.
  • Decision-making: Impacts decisions as data in a visual format is processed quickly.
  • Insights: BI software with built-in data visualization tools provides insights that can be lost in traditional reports.
  • Interaction: The audience can interact with the visual data allowing them to uncover hidden details of the data.