About Case Templates

Case Templates allow you to create and use templates that can be used to auto-fill information that would normally be entered manually in the Case Details page.

You can search the case templates, and select a template from the list to view or edit. For common use cases, you can create a template that specifies values you will use in new or existing cases. For instance, if you perceive that certain symptoms have a specific issue, you can enter the symptoms, diagnosis, and recommendation that correspond with the specific issue, then apply the case template when those symptoms appear in a case, saving you time.

While creating a case template, you can use the Configure Sections drop-down list to select additional sections. Sections not currently in the case will appear when you apply the case template.

Once a case template has been saved, you can edit it to change values that apply to the common uses for the case type for which it is intended.

Applying a case template overwrites some or all of the values existing in a case. You then have an opportunity to edit the case to account for divergence from the case template.