About Activating Licensing

License activation determines which modules and products will be available in GE Digital APM. You require license activation for all the modules (i.e., they cannot be used until the associated license is activated).

Within individual modules, availability of the following items is controlled by the license activation:
  • Entity and relationship families
  • Rules Library projects
  • URLs
  • Options on the left navigation menu

Other types of content, such as Catalog items, may be available even if the license for the associated module is not activated. However, this content will not be functional because it requires specific families that must be activated.

To activate GE Digital APM licenses, you must supply a license file that will be provided to you with your GE Digital APM distribution package. In this documentation, we provide instructions for activating licenses. This documentation assumes that you have already obtained your license file, which is required to complete the activation process.

Note that each license file:
  • Has a customer-specific PIN associated with it. When you activate licenses, you must provide the PIN that is associated with the selected license file. If the PIN that you specify does not match the PIN in the file, an error message will be displayed, and the licenses will not be activated. The appropriate PIN should have been provided to you when you received the license file.
  • Is valid only for a certain length of time. You must activate modules within a timely manner before your license file expires. If you attempt to activate licenses using an expired file, an error message will be displayed, indicating that the file has expired, and the activation will not occur.
  • Is version-specific. If you attempt to activate licenses using a file whose version information differs from the version of the product in which you are performing the activation, an error message will be displayed, and the activation will not occur.
Note: Under any of the error conditions described in the preceding list, any modules or products that were active before you attempted to load the license file will continue to be active after the error message is displayed. In other words, these errors will not affect your current activation state. They will simply prevent you from making changes to that state.

For production versions of GE Digital APM, after you have activated your licenses, you should be able to continue using the associated modules and products until you upgrade to a new version of GE Digital APM. After you upgrade, the licenses will no longer be valid. Any modules that were previously available will no longer be accessible in the GE Digital APM application. You will need to obtain a new license file in order to reactivate the licenses on the new version.

If you have been provided with temporary licenses for demo or trial purposes, your licenses will expire after a certain period of time, as determined by your trial agreement. After the licenses have expired, you will no longer be able to log in to the GE Digital APM system. However, if you are a Super User, you will receive a prompt on the log in page that will allow you to load a new license file.

Note: For most modules, license activation results in the content for that module being available immediately. For the SAP Interfaces product, however, the changes will not be immediate; it may take up to one hour for the module and its content to be available. If you want to apply the changes immediately, you can restart IIS on the GE Digital APM Server.

GE Digital APM Licenses

The following table lists the licenses that can be activated via Operations Manager and the modules/features that are activated with each license.

This license:...Activates this module/feature:
AMS AnalyticsAMS Analytics
APM Connect BasicAPM Connect
APM Connect PlusAPM Connect
APM Connect StudioAPM Connect
APM EssentialsActivates all standard GE Digital APM product features and modules except the following features and modules:
  • Advanced Search
  • Datasets
  • Hyperlink Utility
  • Maps
  • R Scripts
  • Reports
  • Scripts
  • Teams
Note: The APM Essentials license is activated along with the following licenses to activate all the features available in Predix Essentials:
  • Metrics Manager
  • Meridium Core
  • Family Policy
  • Policy Designer
Asset Answers
Note: The product features related to this license have been deferred, or no action is required to activate this license.
Asset HealthAsset Health Manager (AHM)
Asset Strategy ManagementAsset Strategy Management
Asset Strategy OptimizationAsset Strategy Optimization (ASO)
CalibrationCalibration Management
Criticality CalculatorCriticality Calculator
DevelopersConfiguration Manager


Manage Translations

Family PolicyFamily Policy
GAA WindGeneration Availability Analysis Wind (GAA Wind)
GE System 1 IntegrationGE Analytics
Generation Availability Analysis (GAA)Generation Availability Analysis (GAA)
Hazards AnalysisHazards Analysis


Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA)

ISO RiskCustom
Incident ManagementCustom
InspectionInspection Management


Inspection Field Data Collection

Language-<Supported Language>Translations for the Licensed Language
Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCC)Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCC)
Lubrication ManagementRounds
MOCManagement of Change (MOC)
Maximo InterfacesAPM Connect Maximo Adapters
Meridium APM Web Framework
Note: The product features related to this license have been deferred, or no action is required to activate this license.
Meridium CoreGE Digital APM Core Functionality and all of the following modules/features:
  • Asset Criticality Analysis (ACA)
  • Core Analysis
  • Recommendation Management
  • Risk Assessment
Metrics ManagerMetrics and Scorecards
NR13Inspection Management
OPC InterfacesProcess Data Integration
OSI PI Interfaces
Note: The product features related to this license have been deferred, or no action is required to activate this license.
Operator RoundsRounds
Oracle eAM Interfaces
Note: The product features related to this license have been deferred, or no action is required to activate this license.
PROACTRoot Cause Analysis
Pipeline Management Risk Based Inspection
Policy DesignerPolicy Designer
Production Loss AccountingProduction Loss Analysis (PLA)
RBI 581RBI 581
RCMFailure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)


Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

Reliability ManagerReliability Analytics
Risk Based InspectionRisk Based Inspection (RBI)
SAP Criticality Assessment
Note: The product features related to this license have been deferred, or no action is required to activate this license.
SAP Integration InterfacesAPM Connect SAP Adapters
SAP Process IntegrationSAP PI Adapters
SAP Technical CharacteristicsAPM Connect SAP Adapters
SAP Work ManagementAPM Connect SAP Adapters
SIS ManagementSIS Management


Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA)

Thickness MonitoringThickness Monitoring (TM)