About APM Extensibility

About APM Extensibility

APM Extensibility allows customers and partners like independent software vendors to specialize, or extend, APM for a specific industry or customer requirement.

APM Extension and Product Creation Process

The end-to-end high-level process for extending APM includes the following roles and steps:
  1. Developers create and test extension contents.

    This includes configuring the application and ingesting product artifacts like asset classifications, alert and case templates, analysis and dashboard templates, and analysis and dashboard widgets, creating extended micro services and microapps, and registering those micro services and microapps with APM. Creation and registration of micro services and microapps is not currently documented in this Help.


    For information on the product artifacts, see the following sections:

  2. A product designer packages the extension into a product.

    This includes customizing the navigation, creating environment profiles, replacing the context browser, and publishing the product into a repository in the Extensibility Tool in APM.

  3. The tenant administrator or a user with upgrade permissions provisions the product.

    This includes upgrading the product version in the subscribed tenant.

Roles and Permissions

Certain roles should have specific permissions to work with APM Extensibility effectively.

The following table describes those roles and permissions.

RoleDescriptionMust have access to...
Product DesignerA user assigned this role has access to the Extensibility Tool and creates, publishes, and marks the product as a release version.
  • All APM Functionalities in the Development Tenant
  • Extensibility Tool
GE Tenant Provisioning AdministratorA user assigned this role specifies the assets that can be acted on and the actions that can be taken by a user.Administration>Permission Sets
Tenant Administrator A user assigned this role can upgrade product versions for the subscribed tenant and has the Upgrade Product permission.

May also have the Show Versions permissions, which provides the ability to subscribe the tenant to any product version, including historical versions.

Can add, modify, or delete custom variables and values in the tenant profile in Tenant Preferences.
  • Administration >Product Packages
  • Administration>Tenant Preferences
Product UpgraderA user assigned this role can upgrade only to the product version marked as the most recent release version for the subscribed tenant.Administration >Product Packages
Widget AdministratorA user assigned this role can upload any widgets, including the context browser and dashboard widgets.Dashboard
Tenant UserA user assigned this role has access to features as determined by the tenant administrator. As set by the tenant administrator.