Rounds: Collect Rounds Data Workflow

This workflow describes how the Rounds Analyst and the Technician collects Rounds data. Rounds Technicians complete operator, lubrication, maintenance or similar checks as defined in the Asset Strategy along a Route. Data is captured using a mobile device and uploaded to GE Digital APM where it can be used in Health Indicators, Policies, etc. The Rounds Technician will also initiate required maintenance via Performance Recommendations.

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Monitor Rounds ComplianceManage Rounds RoutesSubscribe to RoutesSelect Routes for Data CollectionSelect CheckpointEnter ReadingReview Asset Health, Event, Recommendation History, and MapMark Route as CompleteRecord Action TakenManage Performance Recommendation

Monitor Rounds Compliance

Persona: Analyst

A Route History record is created for each Route execution, including data on how many readings were collected compared to the number expected, and any closing comment. This data is used to monitor overall compliance with Rounds requirements.

You can view the Monitor Rounds Compliance workflow in the Workflow section of the Rounds Designer documentation.

Manage Rounds Routes

Persona: Analyst

Checkpoints are organized into Routes.

You can view the Manage Rounds Routes workflow in the Workflow section of the Rounds Designer documentation.

Subscribe to Routes

Persona: Technician

All Routes to which the user is assigned are available whenever the device is connected to a network, but to enable access to Routes while offline, Technicians must subscribe to each Route that they want to access offline. Subscribed Routes are automatically downloaded to the mobile device if they are due within the specified download horizon, and are updated with any changes on the specified synchronization frequency.

The Technician may need to select a download horizon and synchronization interval that is different from the default settings specified by the system administrator. The download horizon should be long enough to cover any period where the mobile device is expected to be disconnected from the GE Digital APM server. A longer synchronization interval can be used to reduce data transfer, for example, if the mobile device connection incurs data usage fees.

Select Routes for Data Collection

Persona: Technician

The Technician selects a Route to complete from the list of routes that are Due or Overdue.

Select Checkpoint

Persona: Technician

The Route should be organized logically based on the location of assets or some other scheme, however, in some cases, users may choose or be forced to execute the Route out of order. A compatible barcode or RFID reader can be used to automatically select a Checkpoint, or even a different Route, that the Technician will check next.

Enter Reading

Persona: Technician

The Technician performs the required check (inspection, lubrication, maintenance task, etc.) and records the results. If the device is currently connected, the value is immediately uploaded to the database and visual confirmation provided to the user. If the device is disconnected, the value is retained on the device until a connection is established.

Review Asset Health, Event, Recommendation History, and Map

Persona: Technician

Rounds data is collected on a per-shift basis and communication between shifts or mobile users can be a challenge. To help facilitate understanding of previously collected data, a comprehensive history of the asset is available to mobile device users:

  • Asset Health data: History of recent Readings for the currently displayed Checkpoint; health indicators from other sources such as process historians; health indicators calculated by policies.
  • Event history: Any relevant events that have happened to the asset, such as work history, calibrations, alerts from automated monitoring systems (for example, Emerson AMS, GE System 1, etc.), or events generated by policies.
  • Performance Recommendation history: This history indicates whether an issue has already been noted and acted on when determining whether a new Performance Recommendation to address the current asset condition needs to be created.
  • Recent readings, recommendations and related images for the Route can also be displayed on a Map.

Mark Route as Complete

Persona: Technician

When the Technician finishes entering readings for the Checkpoints on a Route, they must mark the Route as "Done." The Technician is presented with a summary of the readings and recommendations entered, and can provide a closing comment. It is not required for readings to be entered for every Checkpoint, so marking a Route as complete is required in order for GE Digital APM to correctly track completion statistics (see Monitor Rounds Compliance) and to update the next due date if the Route is configured on a schedule.

Record Action Taken

Persona: Technician

In some cases, the mobile user may take action in the field to address or document the condition found. In such cases, the mobile user should document this action by selecting a pre-configured action or by entering a comment.

Manage Performance Recommendation

Persona: Technician

The new recommendation is managed for approval and implementation through the Manage Performance Recommendation workflow.

You can view the Manage Performance Recommendation workflow in the Workflow section of the Rounds Designer documentation.