About Catalog Folder Properties

Only Super Users and members of the MI Catalog Administrator Security Group can view and modify folder properties. Each Catalog folder has the following properties, which are displayed on the Catalog Folder Properties window, in the General section:

  • Name : The name of the folder.
  • Description : A brief description of the folder.

    Note: You cannot modify the name and description of root-level folders (i.e., Personal, Public, and Baseline).
  • Last Updated By : The name of the user who last modified the folder.
  • Last Updated On : The date the folder was last modified.

About Catalog Items

Catalog items are objects that are stored in the GE Digital APM database. GE Digital APM supports the following Catalog item types:

  • Dashboard
  • DataLoaderTemplate
  • Dataset
  • Graph
  • Metric Views
  • Projects
  • Queries
  • Report
  • RScript

    Rule Projects

    Note: Only administrator users can see Rule Projects.
  • Script
  • Search

When you select a folder in the Catalog folder hierarchy, the Catalog items that are stored in that folder appear in the grid within the workspace.

Each Catalog item has the following properties:

  • Name : The name of the item. Catalog item names are required, must be unique within a given folder. Catalog item names should not contain the following characters:
    • % (percent sign) followed by two hexadecimal digits (0-9, a-f)
    • [] (square brackets)

      Note: This rule applies to queries only.

    If you create a Catalog item that contains any of these characters and then create a hyperlink to that item, an error message will appear when you try to open the item using the link.

  • Caption : The translatable value that is used to identify the Catalog item in most places throughout GE Digital APM. If a translation exists for the Culture associated with your Security User account, you will see that translation when you view the item in the Catalog.
  • Description : A brief description of the item.
  • Type : The item type.
  • Last Update By : The name of the user who last modified the item.
  • Last Update Date : The date the item was last modified.
  • Created By : The name of the user who created the item.
  • Created Date : The date on which the item was created.
  • Owner : The name of the user who first saved the item.