Forecasting Analysis

Plot Forecast Tags Using Analysis

Plot the forecast output tags generated by your deployed analytic using APM Analysis module.

Before You Begin

  • You must be logged into an OPM tenant with access to the forecast feature set.
  • You must deploy at least one analytic in the Spark environment. The Primary Category value of the deployed analytic template must be set to Forecasting.

About This Task

After you have deployed and run an analytic deployment job successfully, you can use the APM Analysis module to plot and view the output tags resulting from the forecast analytic. You can perform analysis for only a single forecast analytic.

Use this procedure to plot forecast tags only. To plot tags for continuous data streaming see Use the Streaming Graph Widget to Plot Tags.


  1. In the module navigation menu, select Analysis.
  2. Using the Context Browser, navigate to the asset for which the forecast analytic is deployed, and then select OPEN.
  3. In the list of views, select New Forecast Analysis. The New Forecast Analysis page appears, displaying the MODEL BROWSER section and the OPM FORECAST ANALYSIS section.
    The MODEL BROWSER section contains a list of forecast analytics for the selected asset with its corresponding deployments.

  4. To plot a deployment, drag the deployment from the MODEL BROWSER section to the chart area.

    In the page for the forecast analysis, a chart plotting the actual and forecast values for the deployment appears. In the chart, a solid line is used to represent historical (that is, actual) data and a dotted line is used to represent forecast data. A vertical line in the chart is used to represent the date from that last data point of the historical data. The page also contains the Historical and the Forecast boxes, which you can use to select the time period for which the historical and forecast data must be plotted. By default, the time period selected for the analysis is from 30 days prior to the current date to 10 days after the current date. The actual and forecast plots are generated against the data retrieved from time-series information for the date range selected.
    Tip: You can perform the following tasks in the page:
    • In the page, to modify the time period for which historical data is plotted and the number of days for which forecast data is plotted, modify the values in the Historical box and the Forecast box, and then select Update.
    • In the chart, you can hover over the chart to view the details of the data points plotted.
    • In the chart area, you can select the Actual button or the Forecast button to highlight or dim the plotted line.