Install the Software

The Setup program of the MTConnect OPC UA Server software is designed as a Setup Wizard which guides you through the setup procedure step-by-step. The setup program's file name is GE_MTConnectOPCUAServerSetup.msi. To start the Setup wizard either double-click on the setup file or select "Install" from the setup file's context menu. The following screen shots show all these steps in the order they occur during the setup procedure.

  1. The first dialog of the Setup wizard shows the welcome text which contains the version number of the MTConnect OPC UA Server which will be installed with this setup. If this is the version you want to install click the Next button to start the setup wizard.

  2. Please read the license terms carefully! If required you can print out the license terms by clicking the Print button . If you agree with these terms check the I accept... check box . Only when this check box is checked the Next button becomes enabled. Click the Next button to continue.

    The setup wizard sets the installation folder for the MTConnect Driver software to C:\Program Files (x86)\General Electric Company\MTConnect as the default installation folder . You can override this default folder by clicking the Change button and selecting a new/different installation folder.

    Click the Next button to confirm the installation folder and to continue the setup.

  3. This Setup dialog allows you to set specific parameters for the MTConnect OPC US Server. The current version of the server only has one such parameter, namely the TCP Port No. used for the OPC UA Client-Server connections. The default port number is set to 48031 but you can override this number in case that the default number is already used by another OPC UA Server or other program.
    Tip: Use the Microsoft Tool TCPView to check if a TCP port number is in use resp. free.
  4. Click the Next button to confirm the installation folder and to continue the setup.
  5. When you are sure, that all installation settings are correct, then click the Install button to start the installation process. You can click the Back button to go back to the previous setup dialogs and to change or review the settings.
  6. While the setup program is processing, the Status bar show the progress of the installation and the current setup step.
  7. After the setup process is finished without any errors, this "Completed..." dialog will be displayed. You can terminate the setup by clicking the Finish button .