Interpreting the Workflow Diagrams

The Product Workflow section of the GE Digital APM documentation is designed as an interactive process flow to illustrate the basic functions of GE Digital APM.

In each diagram, you can select any of the shapes with blue text in order to read details about that step in the workflow.

The workflows are interconnected, selecting a box that represents another workflow within GE Digital APM will provide you with a link to access that workflow. In this way, you can explore how the various features and capabilities of GE Digital APM are designed to function together.

The following table summarizes the conventions used to represent the various activities in each workflow process.

Shape Description
The starting or ending point of a workflow.
Another workflow within GE Digital APM.
Another workflow outside of GE Digital APM.

A user action or an automated process.

A data output, such as a document or record.
A decision.
The primary process flow.
An item referenced by part of the process flow.

A reference number that accompanies some shapes in the workflow diagrams. These numbers are for identification purposes only and do not indicate the order of the workflows.

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