Viewing Licenses on the Server

Use can view a list of available software licenses on the Local License Server and see which licenses are leased by client devices. This list includes the activation code, product name, description, number of available licenses, expiration date, client ID, client alias, and device type.

  1. In the Local License Server Administration Tool, select the Licenses tab.
    The list appears showing the licenses on the Local License Server.
  2. To display the most up-to-date license view, select Update Table.
  3. Optional: You can use wildcard characters to search for clients based on client ID, client alias, and type in the Search box.
  4. Optional: To save the list of these server licenses, do the following:
    1. Select Save List to File.
    2. Enter the file name, and then navigate to where you want to save this file.
    3. Select Save.