Editing the Server Connection Settings

You can connect your client device to the Local License Server and verify this connection. You can also change the server name or server IP address, the server port number, and the communications timeout value of the Local License Server.

  1. In the Local License Server Administration Tool, select the Server Operations tab.
  2. Select 1, Edit Connection Settings.
  3. You can edit these connection values:
    • Server Name or IP address.
    • Server port number (default is 3333).
    • Communications timeout (default is 30 seconds). This applies to both the Local License Server and the GE Cloud License Server.
  4. Optional: Except for the local host, you can remove a saved server from the drop-down list in the Server or IP address field by selecting next to its name or IP address.
  5. Test that your client device can communicate with the Local License Server by selecting Verify Connection.
    A message appears showing the connection status.
  6. Make sure you save the specified connection settings by selecting Save.
    The connection settings are saved to the Local License Server configuration file.
  7. Return to the Server Operations tab by selecting Back.