Scenario 1: Computer (online) connected to the GE Cloud License Server


In this scenario, the computer (physical machine or virtual machine) with GE Cloud License Server is connected to internet, the GE product licenses are collected from GE Cloud License Server and then the licenses are activated in the computer installed with License Client.


  1. In License Client, select Activate Licenses, select the option 1, Yes, for this computer from the GE Cloud License Server.
  2. The Activate Licenses from the GE Cloud Server page appears.
    Note: Internet connectivity is verified before this page is displayed. An error message is displayed if the GE Cloud License Server is not accessible, and the No Licenses on this Computer page is automatically displayed.
  3. Enter your first activation code, and then select Add Code.
  4. Repeat the previous step for each license you have.
  5. Select Activate. The Licenses screen should now display all the licenses activated on the server.