Change a FIX Event's Data Source

The steps that follow describe how to change the data source of a FIX event in the run-time environment.

To change the data source of a FIX event in the run-time environment:

  1. In Database Manager, create an AI block and a DO block.
  2. Create a new Picture.
  3. Insert a FIX event.
  4. Name the FIX event, and choose the AI block as a data source.
  5. Add a rectangle to your picture. Right-click the rectangle and select Edit Script from the pop-up menu.
  6. Enter the following code in the rectangle's Click event:

Dim obj As Object

Dim Count As Integer


'Set obj equal to the collection of objects contained in 'the active picture

Set obj = Application.ActiveDocument.Page.ContainedObjects

Count = obj.Count


'Loop through all of the objects in the picture to find 'any that are Event objects.

While Count > 0

     'If the object is an Event object, change its source

     If obj.Item(Count).ClassName = "FixEvent" Then

          obj.Item(Count).Source = "Fix32.ThisNode.DO.F_CV"

          'Display a message box that describes the change.

          MsgBox "The Fix Event " & obj.Item(Count).Name & _

          " is now connected to the data source " & _


     End If

     Count = Count – 1


  1. Switch to the run-time environment and click the rectangle. The message box appears stating that the source has changed.

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