Introduction to iFIX

iFIX® is a Windows-based HMI/SCADA component of the GE family of software automation products. Based on open, component-based technology, iFIX is designed to allow easy integration and interoperability between your plant floor and business systems. It includes functional and architectural features that reduce the design time for automation projects, allow simple system upgrades and maintenance, provide seamless integration with third-party applications, and increase productivity.

The SCADA portion of iFIX provides monitoring, supervisory control, alarming, and control functions. It guarantees the absolute integrity of data and provides complete distributed networking capabilities.

The HMI portion of iFIX is the window into your process. It provides all the tools you need to develop pictures that operators can use to monitor your process.

This manual covers several fundamental concepts in iFIX:


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Important Notice

You do not have the latest version of iFIX! You are missing out on the newest capabilities and enhanced security.

For information on all the latest features, see the iFIX product page.

For more information on upgrades, contact your GE Digital sales agent or e-mail [email protected].

For the most up-to-date documentation, go here.