Data File Format

This topic provides the format of the content in a text file that contains tag data extracted by the Historian ETL Extract tool. Each line in the text file contains the following parameters, separated by commas:
Parameter Description Valid Values
Time The time at which the data is captured. It is measured in epoch seconds. N/A
Tag name The name of the tag for which the data is captured. Any tag that exists in the destination Historian server
Note: If the AddTagAutomatically parameter is set to True, when you add a tag that does not exist in the Historian server, it will be created.
Data value The value of the data that is captured. N/A
Data type The data type for the value that is captured.
  • short
  • int
  • float
  • Double
  • Single Byte String
Quality The quality of the data that is captured.
  • GOOD
  • BAD
  • Timestamp is captured only till seconds.
  • The BLOB data type is not supported.
  • Comments are not captured.
  • Data quality other than GOOD and BAD is not supported.