Cloud Collector Specific Registry Configuration

Various registry keys are available for modifying the default behavior of cloud collector. These keys can be added to the specific cloud collectors for altering the default behavior.

For ServerToServerCollector, the keys will be added to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\GE Digital\iHistorian\Services\ServerToServerCollector

ZIP compression: Zip compression is available for Cloud collectors so that the JSON Payload can be compressed with a reduced network bandwidth.

Following registry key is available for compression:

JsonPayloadGzipCompression: Use this registry key to reduce the network usage while the data is transferred from collector to cloud.

Default value: 0, means no compression (if registry key does not exist)

Valid values: 1 to 9. 1 is minimal compression and 9 is maximum compression.

Data Type: DWORD

Registry key for Controlling Max send queue size

CloudMaxOutstandingMsgs: Use this registry key to configure the maximum send queue size.

Default value: 512

Valid values: 24 to 512

Data Type: DWORD

Registry key to save messages in failed queues

FailedMsgQueueEnabled: Use this registry key to save messages in failed queues as backup. This is done when any message fails for any unexpected reason.

Default: 0 (Disabled). (if no registry key)

Valid Values: 0 (Disabled) or 1(Enabled)

Data Type: Binary