About Updating Tag Properties Dynamically

When you add or delete tags for a collector, or when you modify the properties of the tags or the collector using the offline configuration file, the changes are reflected without the need to restart the collector.

The following conditions apply for the changes to reflect automatically:
  • This is applicable only to bimodal collectors.
  • The changes are reflected in 90 seconds.
Note: If you do not want tag properties to be updated dynamically for a collector, perform the following steps:
  1. Access the offline configuration file for the collector. By default, this file is available in the following location: <installation folder of Historian>\GE Digital\<collector name>. For example, for the simulation collector, the path to the file is C:\Program Files (x86)\GE Digital\Historian Simulation Collector\Config\Sim_Offline_Config.xml.
  2. Inside the <collector> element, for the <DisableOnTheFlyTagChanges> parameter, enter Yes, and save the file. By default, the value is No.
    Tip: To verify that the changes are saved, verify the .shw file for the collector.


By default, the offline configuration file is continuously monitored for any changes in the tag names and/or properties, and the changes are reflected dynamically. If, however, the changes are not reflected, you can create the following registry key to fix the issue: OfflineTagForceCheckDuration