Troubleshooting ODBC Data Collector

The ODBC Collector generates logs during initialization, configuration, and general operation. These can be found in the general logging folder C:\Proficy Historian Data\LogFiles.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Be sure to run the ODBC server before the Historian Data Collector starts up.
  • If the ODBC Collector does not start automatically, refer to the Historian log file to view log entries to determine the problem.

Issue: The details in the Configuration tab of ODBC Collector are not populated, if you provide incorrect ODBC source credentials (Server Name, User Name, Password) during installation or if you did not configure the ODBC_Mapping.xml file correctly. The ODBC Collector cannot establish the connection with OBDC Server. As a result, configuration properties are not saved to Historian Server.

Work Around:

  1. Delete the ODBC Collector from Historian Administrator.
  2. Provide values for the following properties in the ODBC Collector registry at HKLM\Softwares\GE Digital\iHistorian\Services\ODBCCollector:
    • General1: ODBC Source Server Name
    • General2: ODBC Source Server Username
    • General3: ODBC Source Server Password
  3. Ensure that the Mapping file is configured correctly for more details refer to ODBC Data Collector Mapping.
  4. Restart the ODBC Collector.

    If the Collector is started, you will see data in Configuration tab of Historian Administrator.

If the above work around is not successful,
  1. Delete the ODBC Collector from Historian Administrator.
  2. Uninstall ODBC Collector.
  3. Re-install ODBC Collector with correct credentials.