Migrating the Alarms and Events Database from 4.5 to 7.2

Before you begin

Before migrating alarm and event data, ensure that you have backed up the data.

About this task

If you are upgrading to Historian 7.2 and you have already collected alarms, you can migrate the Historical Alarm and Event data after upgrading to Historian 7.2. Alarms are not available for retrieval until they are migrated. New alarms collected will be available immediately.

To migrate your alarms into the new alarm database, you must do a backup of the old alarms and restore them into the new database. The backup can be done before upgrade using the old Historian Administrator or it can be done after upgrade using the Proficy Alarm Database Migration Tool.


To launch this tool, go to \Program Files (x86)\Proficy\Proficy DataBase folder and launch Proficy.Historian.AandE.Migration.exe.