Historian for Linux Release Notes – 2.2.0

Table 1. What's New in Historian for Linux 2.2.0
New FeatureDescription

Every component is a Docker

Historian for Linux is a collection of several docker images such as Historian database, Historian REST Query Service (for data query), Historian Web Admin Service, Historian Tuner and various Historian Collectors.

Users may install only the docker images that they need.

For more information, refer to Historian for Linux documentation.

LicensingThis product uses file-based licensing technique. After obtaining the license file of this product from GE Digital sales team, you must apply this license file to Historian database Docker as configuration.
Historian databaseThis Docker image does time-series data archiving and retrieval.
REST API for Data Query

This product offers REST API for data query from Historian database. These REST APIs are similar to the Predix Time Series REST APIs for data query. Historian REST Query Service Docker image must be installed to get the REST API support.

Historian Web Admin This product offers a web-based admin console to visualize and control the operations of Historian database. Historian Web Admin Service Docker images must be installed to get this feature support.
Historian TunerThis product offers to control several Historian database operations with the help of JSON file. By JSON file you can automate some operations like Tag property changes, data purging. Historian Tuner offers you a REST API to upload the JSON file. This feature will enable you to control various Historian database configuration changes and operations by REST API. Historian Tuner Docker images must be installed to get this feature support.
Historian MQTT CollectorThis feature allows you to subscribe the data from MQTT broker and stream the data to Historian database. Data should be Predix time series data format (JSON payload). Historian MQTT Collector
Historian Server to Server CollectorThis feature allows you to collect data from a Historian database to another Historian database or to Predix Time series. Historian Server to Server Docker image must be installed to use this feature.
Historian OPCUA DA Collector

The Historian OPCUA DA Collector collects data from any OPCUA Compliant OPCUA DA Server and streams data to Historian database. You can connect this collector to OPCUA DA server in unsecure way and in secure way by certificate exchange technique. This Collector cannot connect to OPCUA DA server by username and password mechanism. Historian OPCUA DA Collector Docker images need to be installed to get this feature support.

About installing this Release

The Historian for Linux product can be installed on Predix Edge and on other Linux distributions like Ubuntu, CentOS.

For information on the installation pre-requisites and step-by-step installation procedures, refer to the Setup section of Historian for Linux User guide.

Table 2. Known Issues

The following are the known issues in this release.

DE102770CollectorsThe Server to Server Collector crashes with status code as 139 in the docker logs. This issue is seen when there are multiple restarts on the source machine side. However, this is not reproducible every time.
DE103207TunerThe Data Management task should run prior to Data store configuration and Tag configuration task.
DE102197Web AdminHistorian Web Admin Service is throwing an error message when user tries to backup an archive file.
DE103473DatabaseFree space stats for time based archive do not show value as 0 (zero) on Historian Web Admin

Database crashes sometimes while booting when it acts as source for the Server to Server collector. (While Server to Server is running and Database restarts and Server to Server tries to be connected to Database)

Work around – Stop Server to Server collector and start Database and then start the Server to Server collector again.

DE103439Web AdminIn Historian Web Admin on querying a tag whose name consists of flower braces throws error - "Unable to connect to historian Web Service"
Table 3. Known Risk
Risk nameDescription
Inability to get the data files (IHA files) and meta data files (IHC) when Historian database runs on Predix Edge.Predix Edge OS (Production) disables the Linux shell access. Because of that we cannot get inside Predix Edge host and get the data files (IHA files) and meta data files (IHC) when Historian database. Access to these files are helpful if there is any corruption detected in file.