MQTT Data Collector Features and Datatypes

MQTT Data Collector Features

The following table outlines the features of the MQTT Collector.

Browse Source for TagsNo
Browse Source for Tag AttributesNo
Polled CollectionNo
Unsolicited CollectionYes
Timestamp Resolution1ms
Boolean DataYes
Floating Point DataYes
Integer DataYes
String DataYes
Recalculation No

Recalculate button on the Historian Administrator is enabled but the functionality is not available as the MQTT Collector is a non-historic collector and the source broker doesnt store the historic data.

If MQTT collector is installed with Predix Cloud as destination and Offline Configuration is selected, user needs to provide the Tag details in Offline Configuration file. For more information on offline configuration, refer to Offline Configuration for Collectors.

Supported Datatypes

Following are the supported datatypes for MQTT Data Collector.
Source DatatypeHistorian Datatype
DoubleFloat, DoubleInteger, FixedByte, QuadInteger, SingleFloatihDoubleFloat
ByteString, StringihVariableString