Enterprise Connect Overview

About Enterprise Connect

Securely manage and scale connectivity between the Predix Cloud and your enterprise.

Use the Enterprise Connect service to connect to internal and external resources from the Predix environment. Enterprise Connect is a secure gateway that supports all TCP protocols through native websockets. Use your existing software for integration and perform extract, transform, and load (ETL) operations to and from both cloud and on-premise resources.

Users have complete control over all components of their Enterprise Connect service, requiring only a few minutes to deploy the server component and less than 30 minutes to deploy all components.
  • CLI and Binary libraries for both Server and Client
  • Node Oracle Database support
  • Java Library Support with examples and Product Benchmark for sizing document
  • Auto Token Refresh for UAA
  • Two-way Mutual Authentication Transport Layer Security (TLS) for both Server and Gateway and with manual cert provisioning
  • Efficient error handling and graceful exits for slow or congested networks

Enterprise Connect is cloud-agnostic and includes these Security features:

  • Single tenant service
  • Web WSS - Secure Sockets
  • UAA and OAth integration
  • TLS & PKI authorization
  • IPv4 and IPv6 compatible whitelisting and blocklisting
  • Configurable proxy

Additional References

For additional examples and architecture information, refer to the Enterprise Connect Wiki. https://github.com/Enterprise-connect/ec-sdk/wiki/EC-Agent