Predix Edge Manager Overview

About Predix Edge Manager

Predix Edge Manager provides a single point of entry for deploying and monitoring fleets of devices remotely.

Use Predix Edge Manager to administer your applications and configuration files at both the device and fleet level. Predix Edge Manager enables you to manage the lifecycle of your edge devices at scale. Remotely and centrally manage large fleets of edge devices to deploy configurations, perform software updates, and install edge apps and analytics.

Predix Edge Manager is available on the cloud, or can be deployed on select edge servers for use cases with limited or no cloud connectivity.

Edge Manager works with Predix Edge to receive and monitor data from connected edge devices. Edge Agent has a layer on top of Docker to manage multi-container applications. Edge Manager supports uploading, deploying, and viewing the status of these multi-container applications.



Predix Edge Manager has the following prerequisites:

Edge Manager Microservices

Edge Manager architecture includes the following microservices:
  • Application configuration and management service – enables you to upload, maintain, edit, and deploy applications (including multi-container edge applications), bill of materials, and configuration packages.
  • Command service – sends commands to Predix Edge or applications that are running on the device.
  • Device management service – stores, retrieves, and updates device metadata such as device ID, name, model, and attributes.
  • Health monitoring service – displays the internal health status of Edge Manager to enable deep monitoring of service status.
  • Scheduler service – provides and endpoint for scheduling tasks for devices based on time and priority.
  • Alert management service – generates events from sources that need attention.
  • Statistics service – stores and retrieves device resource usage and status history.
  • API service – provides a single entry point for API requests that are then routed to the Predix Edge Agent, or other backend service.
  • User management service – create users and assign roles.

Supported Browsers

Predix Edge Manager has been tested for support on these browsers:

ChromeLast two versions
FirefoxLast two versions

Predix Edge Manager Roles

The following table shows the user interface areas available to each Predix Edge Manager role.

RoleDescriptionAccess to
TechnicianThis role is assigned by the Predix Edge Manager administrator. For Predix Machine devices, technicians can enroll devices in the cloud using the Predix Machine Technician Console. For Predix Edge devices, technicians can enroll devices in the cloud using Predix Edge Technician Console.

The Technician role is assigned to the individual responsible for performing the enrollment activity in the Web Console for each device.

  • Settings > Enrollment
OperatorThis role has the same access to Predix Edge Manager functionality as the administrator, with the exception of user management.

The Operator role is assigned to the individual responsible for creating device instances in Predix Edge Manager with the appropriate Device Name, Device ID, and Device Model according to how the devices should be identified.

All Predix Edge Manager pages except User Manager.
AdministratorThe administrator has access to all Predix Edge Manager functionality. All Predix Edge Manager pages and functionality. No restrictions.
ViewerThe viewer role has read-only access to most Predix Edge Manager pages but has limited ability to perform actions. Read-only access to all pages, except User Manager. A viewer can perform the following actions:
  • Create filters (but cannot save filters).
  • Apply filters.
  • Download software packages from the Repository.