Basic Extensions for CimEdit Scripts

Following is a descriptive list of Basic Extensions that may appear in scripts that were written for existing CimEdit screens.

Some of the Basic Extensions, which are listed first, can be used in addition to the new powerful OLE automated extensions that should be used in current and future scripts.

Several of these Basic Extensions are obsolete. If they exist in previous scripts they can be left in them. It is not recommended that you use them for new development. The obsolete Basic Extensions are listed here, in case you find one in older scripts and need information about it.

Following is a list of the obsolete Basic Extensions and their replacements:

Obsolete Basic Extension Replaced By
cimEvent (constant) CimGetEventContext (function)
CimEvent (object) GefEventContext (automation object)
CimGetEvent (function CimGetEventContext (function)
CimGetRootObject (function) CimGetScreen (function)
CimGetScriptOwner (function) CimGetObject (function)
CimObject (object) GefObject (automation object)
CimObjectVariable (object) GefObjectVariable (automation object)
cimOwnerObject (constant) CimGetObject (function)
CimAutoUpdateScreen (function) GefScreen.Refresh (automation method)