CIMPLICITY HMI Webspace Plug-in for Operations Hub


Operations Hub allows users to create applications that will collect and analyze data from a machine or a server, and trigger actions based on certain events.

The CIMPLICITY HMI Webspace Plug-in is introduced to enable users to access CIMPLICITY CimView screens from Operations Hub. It can be integrated with other Operations Hub plug-ins for better consolidation and visualization of data. This provides the users an end-to-end solution for better data analysis, visualization and monitoring.

Video Links

Watch the following videos for demos on CIMPLICITY HMI Webspace Plug-in Setup:

Architecture Diagram


  • Operations Hub Server allows you to collect and analyze data from other machines and applications. It provides a user-friendly interface to create components of an application such as queries, database tables (called entities), events, email templates, users, and so on.

  • Operations Hub Browser is the browser from which you can access the Operations Hub user interface.

  • Webspace Plug-in is an add-on for Operations Hub user interface. It enables you to access CimView screens from Operations Hub Browser.

  • Webspace Session Manager interacts with UAA and creates Webspace sessions that allow secure connection between Webspace Plug-in and CimView through Webspace.

  • User Authentication and Authorization (UAA) provides identity-based security for applications. It provides tokens for secure webspace sessions.

  • CIMPLICITY Server processes the data received from PLCs and displays the processed data though viewers.

  • CimView displays screens that are created in CimEdit for specific applications.

Sequence of Communication

  1. When you access a CimView screen from Operations Hub, the CimView parameters entered in the CIMPLICITY HMI Webspace Plug-in along with a user permissions token is sent to the Webspace Session Manager through a web service interface .
  2. Webspace Session Manager sends the user information entered to UAA.
  3. Webspace sessions are created using windows credentials.
  4. Webspace Widget starts communicating with CimView.
  5. You can view CimView pages on Operations Hub Browser.