About CIMPLICITY Server to Viewer Announcements

CIMPLICITY running on one computer can see which projects are running on your network.

As well as supporting Server to Viewer announcements, Servers may also be networked together to allow the display of data from many Servers on a Server.

CIMPLICITY v.6.2 and over provides straightforward methods for sending and receiving project announcements from the Server to the Viewer.

Options for connecting from Viewer to a Server are as follows.

Connect to: Description
Project (Recommended) The user controls the data source the Viewer will display.
Node name Data from the project that started first on the node will display on the Viewer.
IP address Data from the project that started first at the IP address will display on the Viewer.

Following is an overview for setting up, testing and troubleshooting a Viewer to Server connection.

Step Description
1 Set up the Viewer to Server connection.
2 Check that point values display on the Viewer.
3 CimView screen special Viewer configuration.
4 Troubleshooting checklist.