Fixed Defects in CIMPLICITY 11.1

The following issue has been identified in CIMPLICITY v11.1.


Issue: Webspace adds a DBCM.bin file error in its logs and the CIMPLICITY HMI Webspace Plug-In stops working.

Workaround: To re-enable Proficy Webspace, delete the C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\DBCM.bin file and restart the computer. To prevent a Bug Check from disabling Proficy WebSpace, create the DWORD registry value [\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ggse\DBCM_Disabled] and set it to 0x00000001. (Diagnostic DBCM bits 0x001f0000)


Issue: You may have port conflict when you install CIMPLICITY and Operations Hub on the same node.

Workaround: If you encounter any port conflict you must change the port number accordingly. You are recommended to install Operations Hub after CIMPLICITY.


Issue: When adding additional custom control from an assembly that controls have already been added from, the properties and methods for the additional controls are not included in the interface to the control.

Workaround: Change either IncludeBaseMembers or IncludeNewMembers flag to true based on your requirement. You must modify the flag in the GEIP.Orion.ComponentBuilder.config file located at <installation_location>\Proficy\Proficy CIMPLICITY\exe.

Issue: When IncludeNewControls flag is false, any new control that is added may appear on the UI, but it would not be functional.

Workaround: If you want to add a new control, you must ensure that IncludeNewControls flag is set to true in the GEIP.Orion.ComponentBuilder.config file located at <installation_location>\Proficy\Proficy CIMPLICITY\exe.