Part 1 of the CIMPLICITY tour provides links to documentation that describes how to set up the foundation for your system goals.

Part 1 of CIMPLICITY Tour
Step 1. Open the CIMPLICITY Workbench. The Workbench is at the center of your CIMPLICITY project.
Step 2. Create a new project. A project contains the configuration that defines what CIMPLICITY will do for your system and how it will work.
Step 3. Look over the Workbench. The Workbench provides the power you need to view, configure, organize, and manage every component of your project through one easy to use window.
Step 4. Configure a device including:
  • A port, which is a communication socket, connects one or more factory devices such as PLC's to the computer
  • A device is anything that can communicate point data to CIMPLICITY software. CIMPLICITY software can read data from and write data to devices. Examples of devices are programmable controllers such as the Series 90. The Quick Device Setup in the documentation gives you quick start for both.
Step 5. Define security and routing including:
  • Resources are the physical or conceptual units that comprise your facility.
  • A user is an individual person working with a CIMPLICITY project.
  • A role specifies what privileges its users have when they work in CIMPLICITY.