About CIMPLICITY Integration with Historian

Historian enables you to archive data for historical retrieval.

CIMPLICITY provides a straightforward OPC interface that enables you to easily connect to Historian to archive CIMPLICITY point data.

  • Historian provides detailed documentation to configure and use Historian. This documentation describes CIMPLICITY integration with Historian.
  • Historian 3.1x and lower are not supported on Vista or Windows Server 2008.
Step Number Description
Step 1 Select Alarm and Event Archiver during Historian installation.
Step 2 Enable the Historian OPC Interface.
Step 3 Select points to be logged to Historian.
Step 4 Open the Historian Administrator System Statistics window.
Step 5 Review CIMPLICITY point (tag) details in Historian.
Step 6 Display CIMPLICITY alarm data in Historian.
Step 7 Set up Historian connections to collect data.