What's New in CIMPLICITY 11

The HMI/SCADA CIMPLICITY v11.0 release includes the following new features and enhancements.

Component Feature Description
Alarm Setups
  • Text filtering (substring, wildcard, and regular expression) is now allowed on the Alarm ID, Alarm Message, and Alarm description fields.
  • Alarm description has been added as a Alarm viewer column.
  • The CIMPLICITY Alarm Viewer API contains two new classes:
    • CAmvFieldFilter
    • CAmvFieldFilterList
  • The AlarmInfo structure for the CAmvConn class has a new member - alarm_description.
  • The class AMAPEXPORT CAmvConn has a new member - CAmvFieldFilterList*.
Basic Control Engine/ Scripting
  • In the Event Editor, when you configure an event, you can now run scripts in threads from a thread pool.
  • You can automatically calculate the thread pool size or set a fixed thread pool size.
  • When a configured event with a script action is triggered, you can choose to execute the script in sequence or in parallel.
  • For a text object, you can now choose the data entry type for the display value.
    • Read Only Expression
    • Read/Write Point
    • Read/Write Variable
  • When configuring a CimEdit procedure, an action type has been added to evaluate an expression and assign the evaluated value to a variable.
  • You can now use Shape Attributes to create animations for objects at run time by configuring expression functions.
  • You can perform Digit Grouping to integer and real display formats to add the thousands separator to the result of an expression evaluation.
  • You can use text format functions, such as FormatReal and FormatInt in expressions to assign precision to real and integer point values.
  • You can now use the upgraded Expression Builder to create an expression using points, class data items, or Historian tags.
  • CIMPLICITY supports Windows Server 2019
  • CIMPLICITY works with Database configurations using SQL 2016 AlwaysOn with the exception of the Tracker Attribute Database (TADB) functionality.
  • The latest Specifications/Toolkits for UA Server/Client/GDS have been updated.

CIMPLICITY supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.

Note: Use Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 to recompile all programs that use APIs.

Database Logger You can use the CIMPLICITY Database Logger to record a project's status log messages to the COR_LOG database table in addition to the cor_recstat.cl2 file in the project’s \log directory.
Points The Change Approval UI has been enhanced to show the current value of the point being considered for change alongside the new value.
SCADA Web Configuration You can now use CIMPLICITY's SCADA Web Configuration to discover the address space of an OPC UA Server and automatically create points from the address space.
Note: Be aware of the following:
  • Microsoft Access is no longer supported by CIMPLICITY.

  • Portal is at its end of life, and its integration with CIMPLICITY is no longer supported. Contact your sales representative for alternate solutions.