Overview of Microsoft Azure Support for Proficy Products

Proficy products can be installed on-premises on your local network and within a Microsoft® Azure cloud environment. Proficy products can also communicate across both on premises and cloud environments.

For example, products such as the latest versions of CIMPLICITY, iFIX, Operations Hub, Webspace, OPC UA Server, and Historian can be installed and configured on both local on-premise computers and in Azure cloud images simultaneously, and work together as if they are installed on the same network.

Important: Be aware that knowledge of the Microsoft Azure environment is the necessary to configure your system. Azure support is not part of GE Digital services. You will need to work with your IT department regarding network configuration. This guide provides guidelines for doing so.
Note: Be sure to review the hardware and software system requirements for the Proficy products you want to use with Azure, before implementing your Azure cloud environment. It is important that your implementation uses the product appropriate recommendations.